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Today I’m going to create a SharePoint 2010 list that has a workflow set to send an email notification.  Below are the requirements:

  • Create list in SharePoint 2010 to track a time driven process
  • Create Workflow using SharePoint Designer to send an email reminder when an item is exactly 30 days from the Created date
  1. First I created a Custom List in SP2010
  2. In the Custom List I created a Calculated Column.
  3. In the Calculated Column (which I named Reminder Date) I used a formula pulling from the Created (date) column. I used the following formula to populate the Reminder Date field based on the Created date field.  =Created+30                                                                   

Click to see Calculated Column screen shot

4. In workflow settings in SPD2010 I checked the box: Start workflow automatically when item is created

5. Then I created a Workflow to send the email reminder 30 days after the Created date using the following logic:

  • Condition: If  any value equals value 
    • For the first value select the fx and then for data source field select Workflow Context
    • Then for field from source select the Association: Item Start on Creation

Click to see Workflow Context

Workflow Context

  • Action: Pause until Date  (Current item: Reminder Date field)
  • Condition: If current item field  (Current item: Reminder Date) equals (is greater than or equals) value (Today) 
  • Action: Email  (To: User who created item)
  • Action: Then log (reminder email sent) to the workflow history list 

Click to see the example workflow


6. Then I checked the workflow for errors, saved it and published it