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So – I have been a big SharePoint and SharePoint Designer fan for many years.  But, as I have moved into project management roles where I am no longer provided access to use SharePoint Designer (SPD) in the enterprise, I have had to get creative in order to be able to continue to use SharePoint on a daily basis.

Luckily Microsoft has launched Flow, which is available with O365 (depending on the license you / your company may have).  I LOVE it!  But like SharePoint, I also kind of hate it right now too.

Let’s start with the love part.  🙂

Ok – so I have recently been able to create several processes for my department using SP and Flow together.  I was a pretty early adopter of Flow, so I had some trouble in the beginning with the capabilities for more complex logic.  After a couple of months I had to reach out to our portal and collaboration team to get them to consider building my workflow in SPD.  However, I revisited Flow again last week and found that MSFT had increased the capabilities to create Switch Cases.  (Truth is, I have no idea what a Switch Case is….but it works for logic where you have many IF, Then conditions and actions.)

There isn’t much out there on the web right now about how to create workflows with Flow, so I plan to create a 5 part article on this – with one new step-by-step example per week.  Stay tuned!

To check out Flow, visit this link.