As promised, today I will provide the first step-by-step Flow.  I must confess, this is so easy, it’s almost embarrassing – but the point is to show how Microsoft is democratizing technology.  And I love it!


  • Create an automated email workflow
  • Send weekly, on the same day and time each week
  • Send to multiple email addresses


  • You have have access to O365 including Flow and Outlook
  • You have never created a Flow before


  1. Access Flow
    • There are two ways to do this:
      • 1 – Login to o365 account and select the Apps icon in the upper left, then select the Flow app
      • 2 – Type flow.microsoft.com in a browserAccess 1
  2.  Create a New Flow
    • Click on the “Create from blank” link to start from scratch
    • Give your Flow a Title
  3. Begin building the Flow
    • Search for “Recurrence”
    • Select the “Schedule Recurrence” serviceCreate FlowRecurrence
    • Click to “Show Advanced Options”
    • Set Frequency to “Day”
    • Set Interval to 7 (so it will send weekly on the same day)
    • Set Time Zone
    • Set Start Time
      • Note: the start time must be in the this format example below:
      • 2017-05-02T12:00:00Z  (This is today’s date, but you will need to set it to start on the day and time of the week you want it to send every week.)  Frequecncy
    • Select “New Step” > “Add an Action”
    • Select “Office 365 Outlook” from the services
      • Note: you may have to authenticate your email if this is your first FlowCreate FlowSelect o365 Email
    • You will see several options, select “Send an Email”
    • Fill out the details of the email, but selecting “Show advanced options”
    • You will see a box where you can add Dynamic Content, but since we are not working with other applications like SharePoint, etc. – there will be no options for Dynamic Content – just close the box. No dynamic content
  4. Now that you have created the reminder email, click Create Flow to saveFill out email
  5. Next Test the flow:
    • Go back to your Flow by clicking on My Flows
    • Open and edit
    • Change the frequency to “minute”
    • Change the time and day to today, with the time within 2 minutes of the current time
    • Change the interval to “2” (2 minutes from now)
    • Save by clicking Create Flow again
    • Change the email To line to include your email (so you can get the test)
    • Update Flow
  6. Wait to receive the email
  7. Evaluate email, make changes to the body
    • You can also select to make the email HTML for more formatting options
    • Based on the test interval, you should receive this same email every two minutes until you change the logic back to reflect the actual time, day  and frequency you prefer. success
  8. Success!  As you can see from the time stamps in the email list, the email is sending every two minutes.