Rebecca Ettlinger

I started using WSS SharePoint 2003 as an end-user while working on a software project from 2003 – 2006. I fell in love with the application and decided to teach myself how to create custom lists and work with web parts. By 2007 I was configuring SharePoint as a Site Collection Owner for small organizations such as restaurant groups, non-profits and recruiting firms. In 2008 I started creating and configuring sites at the Site Collection level using SP2007 and SP2010 for regional divisions of large corporations. Currently I’m still working with site configuration at the Site Collection level, but I’m able to employ nearly all of the OOB features SP2010 has to offer such as Search, Custom Workflows, Custom Lists, etc. I am also able to use SharePoint Designer and basic CSS and HTML to rebrand the sites I’m deploying. As I continue on my path learning and working with SharePoint, I’m still a huge fan. Everyday is a new adventure in what I find this application can and can’t do. But usually, I find a workaround for the “can’t do’s”.  It’s great fun, and at times, greatly annoying.


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